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december to remember jos edition 2018


Thanks again for choosing to volunteer for this years December 2 remember Outreach event. So far we have about 230 volunteers but if you haven’t registered as a volunteer yet you can still follow this link to find out more and register for this years outreach.
Below are a list of important update and guidelines for December 2 remember volunteers plateau state 2018

Table of contents

  • About December 2 remember
  • First meeting update and schedule for next meeting
  • Media Appeal
  • Important links for all volunteers
  • Available Departments and links to used to participate
  • Download links
  • Check list for all volunteers

About December 2 Remember

December to Remember’ is a coalition of volunteers passionate about making the yuletide season a ‘December to Remember’ for orphans in our community. We mobilize resources from kind hearted donors and donate gift items such as food, provision, clothes and more (as requested by the orphanages).

2016 was epic, 2017 great. Last December, we reached over 3000  orphans across some  states in Nigeria. This year, we have set an ambitious target to reach 1,0000,000 orphans across 54 African countries , with an inspirational message of love and hope.
Bella Naija has called December to Remember ‘Africa’s biggest orphanage outreach’ as we donate 1 month of food supplies, cloth & books in addition to free medical outreach, Inspirational talk, dancing contests, games, music and skills acquisition.

First meeting update and schedule for next meeting

Our first meeting took place on the 2nd of December 2018 at Rocha’s Foundation College Jos. The meeting had in attendance the Plateau State Coordinator, other officials and volunteers of the December 2 Remember Orphanage Outreach 2018. At the meeting several issues were discussed and suggestions were thrown to the house. Among which was the orphanage to be visited, items needed for the outreach and possible road show for fundraising for the event.December 2 Remember

The House of Recab which houses about 214 orphans was selected as the proposed orphanage for visit for this years December 2 Remember Orphanage Outreach. It was selected due to its number, but consideration might be offered for mobilization of other orphans in orphanages near the area to the proposed venue.

The next meeting was scheduled for the 16th of December, 2018 by 2:00 pm at Rocha’s Foundation College Jos. Please all volunteers should please take note as crucial and important matters would be discussed.

About this years outreach

The outreach is coming up from 19th – 22nd December.
The first 3 days of the outreach shall be vocation and skill acquisition training whereby the skill acquisition department shall train the orphans and their care givers on basic life sustaining skills. Then the last day which is the 22nd shall see all other activities of the outreach such as counseling, donation of relief materials, games etc.

Media Appeal

The success of this years events depends solely on the cooperation and dedication of every volunteer. With this in mind every volunteer is expected to engage with our contents where applicable to achieve maximum output and coverage.

We appeal to you all where ever you can please share, comment, like, follow, recommend, make status, donate, talk about, post video etc. We would so much appreciate. Thanks as we anticipate your cooperation.

Important links for all volunteers

For quick access to our contents and other activities please feel free to use any of these links;

  1. Link up with December 2 Remember 
    Read through and share with others.
  2.  Official Facebook page link
    Follow and like our page.
  3. Event Page link 
    Follow link and click to attend event. Let people know we are live.
  4.  Official website link
    Follow to read more about the event and engage.
  5. Create your DP and upload for people to see, click here
  6. Donation Link 
    Follow to donate for the event.
  7.  T Shirt payment Link (#2,500)
  8. T Shirt payment link 2 (Basic Version #1,500)

Note: Please act accordingly

To join any department via whatsapp you can just click on the department

  1. Guidance and Counselling
  2. Media and Publicity
  3. Food
  4. Medical
  5. Skill Acquisition and Vocation
  6. Logistics
  7. Clothing and Toys
  8. Games

Do well to join the WhatsApp group of your department….

Download links

To download the Starter kit for volunteers click here. The starter kit contains a slide show of all you need to know about this years December 2 Remember outreach.

To download the Donation card click here. This can be used by volunteers to seek for funds for the success of the event and upon completion can be remitted to the planning committee.

Dec2Rem Video Challenge

Hi Teammates!
The Theme for Dec2Rem 2018 Edition is “Empowering 1 Million Orphans In Africa”

1. Post a 1 min video on Instagram to say what Dec2Rem means to you.
2. Tag us on Instagram @dec2remoutreach and use the Hash tags: #dec2rem #dec2rem2018

If your video has the most likes by Dec 7, you will be crowned *Most creative Volunteer on social media* and awarded a special certificate.
Let’s do this for the orphans!
*don’t forget to tag us*

Quick check list for all volunteers

1. Pay the 1k Challenge
2. Pay for T Shirt
3. Print donation card
4. Like us on Facebook
5. Do the one minute video challenge
6. Pick an item to donate
7. Invite others to join the outreach
8. Become a member of a department
9. Submitte ideas for outreach success

Thanks as we look forward to a wonderful December 2 Remember Experience…..







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