Over the years there has come to be a contention between begin talented and having a particular (Positive) habit towards a certain endevour. In some cases some say talent only makes up 10% of any job, art and so on as the case may be. Some go further on their opinion to say that “there is no talent only a habitual practice and hardwork”. While some say once you have the talent you are already on your way to success. Today I will like us to dive in to see exactly Talent or Habit what makes a person more successful.

So what exactly is Talent and when do you say a person is Talented:

A talent (or gift, or aptitude) is a skill that someone possesses to do something that is hard often easily. It is an ability that a person is born with. Talented people as a rule often have many talents, for music, dancing , acting, sports, or other skills, but often in single direction or genre, unlike a genius. Someone who has talent is termed or called Talented.

So what exactly is a Habit:

A habit (or wont) on the other hand is a routine of behavior that is repeated regularly and tends to occur subconsciously. The American Journal of Psychology defines a habit, from the stand point of psychology, as a more or less fixed way of thinking, willing, or feeling acquired through previous repetition of a mental experience. Habits are sometimes compulsory. New behaviors can become automatic through the process of habit formation. As we know old habits they say die hard ie they are hard to break while new ones are hard to form or acquire.

Understanding Talent and Habit

If you deliberately or by instincts you feel the urge to grab a bottle of beer immediately you wake up in the morning, you have a drinking habit. In thesame way if you feel the urge to put on your running shoes in the morning when you wake up to go for jugging, you also have a jugging habit. Whereas if it takes you ease to learn a new act or skill you are often said to be talented. Talented people often learn fast and with ease than others who are not. For example in a dance class some catch the dance steps in one or two swoops while others may even have to practice overnight to meet up with the class.

cycling habit

Talent and Habit are all important parts of a persons success level. They both serve as determining factors on how successful one can become if they (talent or habit) are properly inculcated and utilized. While some depend on their talent to achieve success, others depend on having strong habits to do so. For instance you may not have the talent of public speaking but you have a habit of being prepared before going for a meeting or event, you may have a better shot of impressing your audience than someone talented. In another case some who is talented may not need to stress his or herself to perform certain task as talents makes it almost a seamless process whereas, someone who is not talented often has to put in more effort to carry out thesame task.

More taught:

Most times its a matter of choice and personal conviction. Often most people with talent or who are said to be talented often feel they need to put in less effort into what ever they are doing and this makes them some times under perform. This happens not because their talent is valueless but because they depend on their talents too much and fail to adopt good habits. This often makes someone with little or no talent who has strong work ethics for example looks more productive than them. You will see cases like this even back then in school your teachers will say “he is very talented or intelligent but too playful or not serious”. I was once a victim of this at one point in time but my parents where quick enough to know my problem and formed a new habit routine for me to practice. This really went a long way in the long run to correct my course.

talent vs habit

Now back to our subject matter….

The point here is managing and utilizing the two i.e talent and habit. A passionate person with good work habit and sufficient talent is more likely to succeed than a brilliant person or talented individual with bad work habits. When talent becomes a habit, success follows. Its advisable to find your inner talents and change them to habits.When you reach the point where your talent becomes a habit, that is when you become an expert. the world pays more attentions to expert in any given field. Even in the entertainment industry for  example as a music artist or comedian etc, it counts as nothing if you only got the talents without a good work habit to follow up. Arriving late to shows, skipping lines in your own songs etc, these can constitute problems and these are some reasons some people dont last long and even dont get signed.

In a nutshell both talent and habits are essential in becoming a very productive and successful person. Its not just about being talented, but being able to be productive and successful in what you do. Practice they say makes perfect, so even if you feel you are talented or not (everyone has a talent except you haven’t discovered it) you can still perform well in anything you engage in. Habits converts innate talents into flawless perfection.

Here are some simple habits that are important even for talented people:

  1. Being on time: This shows you value your time and have value for other peoples time. It shows you are dependable and serious about what you do.
  2. Work ethics: Having a good working ethics can not be over emphasized as it enables you stay organised and conscious about what you are doing or need to do.
  3. Effort put in: Putting in efforts goes a long way in building your level of perfection. It shows you are hardworking and makes you more resilient.
  4. Positive mental energy: As it is said energy is contagious, when you have a positive mental energy it not only boost your productiveness but even of those around you. This even helps to keep the bad energy away.
  5. Being prepared: Nothing as unprofessional as going to a meeting or event unprepared, it often implies you dont take your audience serious. Most people feel offended by this and it leaves a bad signal about you. Make it a habit of preparing before hand.

Make sure you put them into practice religiously and thank me later…… let me hear your opinion


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