5 Reasons Your New Year Resolutions Wont Resolve And How To Go About It



So 2018 is about to end and you’ve had your fun moments and sad ones, you’ve learnt your lessons and you have areas you would like to work on. Now you are planning to make them so called “New Year Resolutions” to help you get things right in 2019. Well good for you at least you’ve finally identified your weak spots and would like to work on them. You now have some goals you would like to achieve or habits you would like to break etc, before the end of 2019. Well sorry to say it wont work. There are a lot of reasons your new year resolution is not going to resolve. This is not meant to kill your spirit but to help you make the right decisions while setting your goals and how to go about it. Lets take a look at the 5 reasons why your new year resolution wont resolve and how to go about it.

Lets take a pause a minute what actually is the difference between 2018 and 2019?  For some of you this is not your first time of setting new year resolutions and you often barely keep it till the end of January. Well this is meant to help you avoid making the same mistakes like the previous years. Also if this is your first time of making a new year resolution, you are lucky to find this article as you would be able to avoid certain pitfalls associated with setting resolutions.

What exactly if a new year resolution?

For short its just a list of goals or habit you wish to achieve or correct or possibly inculcate in a new year. According to Collins Dictionary If you make a New Year’s resolution, you make a decision at the beginning of a year to start doing something or to stop doing something.  Below are the 5 reasons why your new year resolution wont resolve and how to go about it.

  1. You’ve got it all wrong from the start

Oh yes I said it, you’ve got it all wrong from the start. The fact that you are waiting for the date on the calendar to change from 2018 to 2019 before you start achieving your goals is your first mistake. In some cases this is one of the main reasons most people dont follow a resolution till the end. The habit of waiting till Monday or waiting for a new month is never helpful in any way. Often its just your body looking for excuses not to start at that moment where your mind has made a decision. Most people are often found of saying let me wait by Monday or by next month i will start doing this or I will stop doing that. When this occurs its always the first sign you wont achieve your said resolution. The best time to always start is now, not later but now. Having this in mind will always go a long way in helping you gain full control over your set resolutions. If you cant start December 31st I doubt you will be able to start 1st January. It gets worse for some people once they are not able to start on 1st January, they push till the second week and so on. Before you know it the loose hope and give up on the whole thing.  So why wait till next year when you can start now.


  1. You call it new year resolution

Are you really kidding me “New year resolution”, dont mind me I did the same too. We are all entitled to our own opinions, but for me there is no such thing as a new year resolution. I doubt if a new year even exist. But before you start wondering what is this one saying lets look at thing from this stand point. Any day can be a new year for anybody, but in general its just a global mind set. The Vatican can decide to change Christmas to January 15 for example and it will stand as that. So I ask you why wait for a system to tell you its a new date before you start working on your self? That 2 days extra you will waste waiting for January 1 is a 48 hours you will never get back. Each human exist in his or her own universe which is totally in their control.

Why not take advantage of this and start giving your life your own meaning immediately you get the feel too. Its said always listen to yourself, you should be making plans for your life not for a new year. You have to change your thinking and make it about you and not the coming year. Know where you want to be at a certain period of time not where the year has to be at a certain period before you start working on your resolutions. Remember time lost cant be bought back.


  1. You are biting more than you can chew

The phrase “you are biting more than you can chew” sounds as a cliche but it still does not change its meaning. Most often people tend to set goals which even deep within them they know its not achievable. Someone will write a very long list of things they plan to do in one year, are you a magician or a Celestial being? I use to be in this category of people and it has never been favourable. Writing a list is allowed but how realistic do you think the contents of that list are? Deep within us as humans we know our true weakness and strengths, we also know our actual capabilities and limits. So why say you will start waking up 4:30 am when you know you only actually wake after 7:30 am. Writing a personal resolution has to be done with utmost sincerity if you want it to work or resolve. I will advice you do an actual SWOT analysis on yourself before you start setting goals or making a resolution. Being truthful to yourself is key as it increases your chances of being able to stick to your new resolutions. You will feel more satisfied and accomplished if you set your alarm for 7:00 am to wakeup against your initial 7:30 am. Setting an alarm for 4;30 am and waking-up at 7;30 am will only kill your morale easily. So I say bite less, chew a little and increase as you progress.

5 Reasons Your New Year Resolutions Wont Resolve And How To Go About It


  1. Its not a magical process.

My dear we are on planet earth not Wonder Land, things just dont happen over night. These things take time especially when it has to do with inculcating a new habit, braking an old one or maintaining a new routine. It takes an average of 21 days to adopt a new habit and 90 days to drop an old one. It Just does not work like that, you have to be determined and focused if you really want your resolutions to resolve. Everything in life has its own process its not by making a resolution alone, you have to put in work. As the saying goes if it was easy everybody would be doing it. Trust me when I say you are not the only one struggling with this, just maintain a positive mind set.

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Give yourself time to adjust, you cant control everything. Possibly reward yourself a little when you achieve a goal or reach a mile stone, in this way you will keep a high spirit all through. Play your part and let the universe handle the rest. As long as you are persistent and consistent, everything will fall into place at the right time.


  1. Giving up too easy

So you have made this wonderful resolutions to guide you as you journey through the new year, well that’s great. Am actually happy for you but will you see it through to the end? Most often new year resolutions turn into list of things we want to do but know we wont be able to do. You know am right, research too has shown that barely 10% of people actually see a resolution through to the end. Most people fail because they give up too easy. Some people give up once it doesn’t work in January consoling their laziness with an anticipation they will try again by the next new year. For example you make a resolution to stop smoking from first of January, and you make it through the first day. On second January you have mistakenly forgotten your resolution and started smoking only to recall half way in to the pack of cigarettes.

Now what do you actually do? do you just give up and continue smoking and say you will try again from the coming week so you can have a fresh start. With this habit of giving up easily you will only end up giving yourself flemzy excuses to make you even just smoke more. These mistakes are often bound to happen but the trick here is simple.

Little trick

Instead of being hard on yourself and giving up easily, there are certain ways you can go about it. Now you are half way into your cigarette pack, instead of just saying let me just finish this one today and give it a shot tomorrow, just turn off the lighted stick and toss it and the rest of the pack away. Possibly leave that location or entire environment and get something else doing. Better still instead of saying i want to stop drinking next year why not say I will reduce my consumption rate next year. Lets say from 5 to 3 bottles per day for a start based on your capabilities. You will see in the long run it will be easier for you to stop totally than fixing what you cant maintain.


Hope you have been able to grab a thing or two from here. Always remember to be honest with yourself in setting goals and know its all a gradual process.

Have any question or opinion, feel free to leave me your comments below.

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